Mold in Charlotte NC

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If mold reproduces inside your house, you will notice stains of different colors, most commonly green or black, or a persistent musky odor. If you can see or smell mold and mildew, there is a potential risk for your health.  Any kind of mold is detrimental to your health to some degree. So the best decision, if you really value your family and your health, is to eliminate mold and mildew and take all precautions to prevent it from appearing over again. Mold and mildew are more likely to grow in highly damp environments. Therefore, if you have leaks in your house or standing water in some places, then you will definitely have spaces for the mold to easily reproduce. However, mold and mildew can also grow over dirt, tapestry, carpets, insulation material, curtains, and upholstery. This case study for mold removal in Charlotte NC was accomplished in a 1,200 square foot, single story, detached, wooden and brick house built in 1990. The owner rented the house for 4 years and the tenants moved out a few weeks before the case study. After a quick inspection when the tenants moved out, the owner didn’t notice any outstanding deterioration, only the normal wear caused by the effect of time. However, when she came back some time later, she thoroughly inspected the empty house and this time she noticed a strong, persistent, musky odor in the kitchen. She started to check the rooms and she spotted some mold stains in the lower part of a wall behind a table leaned up against the wall. The table concealed the black, greenish stains that spread and went up to the kitchen cabinets. After this discovery, the owner panicked. mold removal, mold, mildew, Charlotte NC

Mold Removal – Actions

The owner was determined to hire professional, specialized services for mold removal in Charlotte NC to solve the mold problem she had in that house. So she decided to hire us and we immediately proceeded to assess the case. After a deep inspection of the area, we discovered the source of the mold problem derived from a leaking pipe under the kitchen sink. We also detected a considerable amount of mold in the rear bottom section of some cabinets and over the wall behind them. In order to eliminate this problem, we had to disassemble the whole kitchen unit. Next, we proceeded to sand and deep clean the cabinets and the wall. We cleaned every area with industrial vacuum equipment and we implemented a negative pressure procedure. This method consists of sealing the room and removing all the air, with the help of an extractor that pushes air from the inside to the outside of a room. The negative pressure procedure captures and eliminates mold and mold spores from the treated area. After finishing this process, we started to rebuild the kitchen. We sealed all the cabinets and walls surfaces with non-toxic chemical products that prevent mold and mildew. We also repaired the leak under the sink that originated the mold problem. Finally, we painted and varnished all the kitchen surfaces.


The excess of moisture in the kitchen allowed the proliferation of mold, making the indoor air unhealthy for people. This study case of mold removal in Charlotte NC was successfully solved. Mold and mildew didn’t appear again for 12 months thereafter and the problem has not come back to date. The final result is the appropriate environment for a healthy family: clean air, free of mold spores and odors.