Frequently Asked Questions

On basements and crawlspaces, there are many easy indicators such as visible leaks, pools of water or water trickling down the walls. However, it isn’t always obvious. Other consequences of water damage can be increase of mold or mildew, damps spots, musty odors, finding white chalky substance on the walls, peeling paint, bubbly wallpaper, cracks on the walls or floor and warped wood. If you are unsure of having a water damage issue, you can also call DinoDry for a free consultation. We will be glad to ease your concerns!

The total cost of the service will depend on the issues presented as well as the method and amount of work required to solve it. It is not recommended to give estimates over the phone, as it is necessary for our professionals to assess the situation before being able to give a definite answer. The best way to know the final number is through a free on-site consultation with a DinoDry expert.

The duration depends on the type of system that is being installed. A small fix can take mere hours to resolve, while large-scope drainage system projects can take several days. However, installations of regular size usually take one or two days.

DinoDry is a highly efficient and professional company; we do our best to resolve problems permanently. However, if a recurring issue appears, you should get in contact with us and we will determine the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

The first step is to get in contact with us to arrange a meeting with one of our professionals to assess the situation. In this on-site free consultation we will give you the available options to solve your problem as well as the estimate. This is the perfect moment to bring up any questions, concerns or doubts you may have on any aspect of the procedure. If you agree, we book a date for the offered service.

It can be done, although it is not always advisable. However, it also depends on the particular house and particular problem. Experts at DinoDry will do their best to offer a fitting solution for your waterproofing concern.

A house with good waterproofing systems in place will always have higher value than a house with no waterproofing options. Moreover, selling a home with any kind of water problem without the knowledge of the buyer can easily result in a lawsuit. The last option is letting prospective buyers know about the problem before selling, but be ready to accept a lower payment.

Those who haven’t experienced it often underestimated the damage that water can cause. It quickly generates mold and mildew, which are detrimental to the health of everyone who lives in the house and can spread in less than 72 hours after contact with moisture. Water can also cause a lot of damage to structures and furniture, rotting wood and warping paneling. It can lift the floor tile and completely ruin carpeting in a matter of weeks. The best advice is to address these problems as soon as possible to avoid further injury.

In this internet era, you can find the steps to every procedure with a quick search. However, information isn’t the same as knowledge, which is acquired by experience. If you are ready for trial and error and are interested in learning the craft, you can try almost everything by yourself. However, it is important to note that many of these processes are delicate and must be done meticulously if top results are desired. If you would rather not take chances and want experts handling the situation, DinoDry is the best option for you!

Avoid health issues

humidity damage and unsavory smells brought by water emergencies with the help of DinoDry!
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