Whole Home Dehumidifier

Waterproof your crawl space or basement in order to control moisture

Our professional team installs a dehumidifier, and this is an effective long term solution for reducing moisture.

DinoDry installs professional grade whole home dehumidifiers, and these are specific to the demands of each project. A crawl space needs to maintain relative humidity below 60% year round, regardless of temperature, so it is important to use the right kind of dehumidifier.

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A properly installed dehumidification system has many benefits.


A dehumidification system prevents mold growth.


Dehumidification minimizes bacterial odor.


A dehumidification system improves comfort levels inside the house above the crawl space.


Dehumidification makes hardwood flooring and trim more stable.


A dehumidification minimizes premature structural issues that result from high humidity.

If you have moisture issues in your crawl space, then a professionally installed dehumidifier is the only reliable way to manage relative humidity year round.

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