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This case study demonstrates a common scenario of a home owners attempt to fix a moisture problem

only to delay having the issue professionally assessed and corrected, and risking the effects of mold and water damage.

It is important to have water and moisture problems in your home investigated by a professional before attempting your own remedy. You may find the source of the problem to be minor and could easily be fixed by a competent do-it-your-selfer. And, as the case here, you may find that professional intervention is the only way to ensure protecting your family and property from the potential damages of excess water and moisture.

Crawlspace Charlotte NC
crawl space charlotte nc

The location of this case study is a 20 year old contemporary brick house of 3,200 square feet in Charlotte, North Carolina

built on a traditional block foundation over a crawl space.

Since its construction the home owners noticed that the crawl space was damp and musty. At first they disregarded the dampness because they didn’t really do anything in the crawl space and thought the dampness was normal, and didn’t think it would lead to any other problems.

Over time they began to see signs of moisture related problems. They found mold, persistent mildew, unexplained peeling paint, and eventually standing water in low spots of the crawl space. The severity of the problem escalated. Moisture stains began appearing on walls in different parts of the house. The musty odor originally noticed in the crawl space became persistent throughout the house. Checking their original concern, the crawl space, they also found infestation of insects. A damp crawl space is an ideal environment for insects and rodents. The problem was clearly serious at this point and the home owners decided to take action.

Initial Home Owner Action

The excess moisture was clearly evident in the crawls space with black and green stains produced by the moisture.

Because of their earlier concerns the home owners attempted to address the crawl space moisture problem, realizing the moisture was somehow making its way into the house structure. The home owners attempted to block the moisture in the crawl space dirt floor with a layer of plastic and adding ventilation grills around the foundation. This was a significant project, but the results of their hard work actually added to their problem. The added ventilation grills seemed like a good idea, but the way they were installed allowed rain water during storms to add to the problem. The plastic was also insufficient and deteriorated quickly. Mold continued to spread and cause serious concern. Finally, the home owners came to the conclusion that the problem was never solved, that it was only getting worse. They began to fear the hazards caused by the unhealthy conditions present in the crawlspace and their home.

Before DinoDry’s corrective measures

the moisture levels inside were an alarming 65%.

The new interior drain system combined with the dehumidifier complimented the crawl space encapsulation. The results were outstanding: DinoDry’s process achieved a final moisture measurement of 30% in the house. The house was now free of odors, mold, mildew, and pests. This battle with moisture had a very happy ending – a more comfortable and energy efficient home with a happier family.

crawl space encapsulation charlotte nc
crawl space encapsulation charlotte nc

Corrective Action

The home owners contacted DinoDry to assess the situation and offer solutions.

A thorough inspection found high ground water levels to be the root cause of the excess moisture. It was determined that after removing the mold, three processes would be used to ensure a dry crawl space and a protected home. Properly removing mold involves the use of specialty equipment and processes to clean all surfaces that the mold as spread to. Once all surfaces are free of mold, the following procedures were used to correct the source of the problem (moisture), and to protect the space from future moisture problems and mold growth.


An interior drain system

was installed to capture excess ground water and redirect it outside of the house.


The crawl space was encapsulated

with DinoDry’s system to seal the floor, walls, piping and duct work ensuring the entire space was sealed from encroaching moisture. The crawl space ventilation was also corrected during this process.


A dehumidifier

was installed to keep the relative humidity below 60%.

The Outcome

This case represents a perfect storm that brews slowly, but left unchecked will cause significant problems with the structure of a home and the health of those living inside it. Air and moisture regularly transfers from crawl spaces into the interior of a house transferring the smells, the mold, and the moisture contamination. The living conditions will become unhealthy when mold, moisture, and insects are left unrestrained. That’s when DinoDry, Charlotte NC Mold Remediation, steps in.

DinoDry, Charlotte NC Mold Remediation, has the technology and the experience

to eliminate the bad conditions in your crawl space, and help you realize the positive benefits of a properly encapsulated system.

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